According to Palmolive and Walmart, it's time to stop throwing away plastic dish soap bottles and instead reuse them. The companies announced the launch of the new Palmolive Shake & Clean Dish Soap, which can reduce plastic waste consumption and take care of our planet.

"Every act of care makes a difference. Sustainability is a core value that we embrace, and we're excited to further deliver on our commitment to sustainability by teaming up with Walmart on this innovation with a breakthrough new technology," says Joana Baquero, marketing director for Dish.

Palmolive's plastic waste reduction journey started two years ago, when the brand transitioned all its ultra dish soap bottles to 100% recycled plastic, which equals 5,200 tons less plastic waste over a year. "We continue this journey with Palmolive Shake & Clean in tandem with Walmart where we can now encourage people to reuse their bottles and lessen their carbon footprint," says Baquero.

Palmolive Shake & Clean has 100% biodegradable cleaning ingredients and can result in 75% less plastic waste by allowing people to reuse an existing bottle instead of throwing it away. The bottle in the starter kit is made from 100% recycled plastic and both the bottle and carton are widely recyclable. The concentrated gel pouch makes it easy to refill the reusable bottle, uses less plastic and requires less water in transport, all of which contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of dishwashing.

Three Steps:

  • Simply fill your empty dish soap bottle with water to the line
  • Add the 5oz gel dish soap concentrate from the pouch
  • Shake it and watch how the breakthrough 4x concentrated formula activates instantly to yield a new 20oz bottle of soap

"Walmart has long-standing commitments in sustainability, including selling products that use less resources and generate less waste," says Corey Bender, merchandising vice president, household essentials, for Walmart U.S. "We are thrilled to collaborate with Colgate-Palmolive to bring Palmolive Shake & Clean Dish Soap to our customers, an innovative product that provides very effective cleaning while reducing plastic waste." 

Available exclusively at Walmart, in 2,000 stores nationwide and at

Key Benefits:

  • 75% less plastic waste per refill using an existing bottle vs. buying a new 20 ounce bottle
  • Reusable bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic (bottle with cap on is recyclable)
  • 4x concentrated formula activates instantly — add water to the 5oz gel to yield a 20oz bottle of soap
  • Cuts grease on dishes with family friendly formulas
  • Free from parabens, phosphates and uses 100% biodegradable cleaning ingredients
  • Starter kit includes one reusable dish soap bottle and one dish soap refill pouch
  • Two distinctive scents: floral breeze and fresh citrus