Multi-Conveyor recently built a complex, yet small footprint, custom conveyor system that uses a servo transpositor retract and two stacked servos merged to transport bags of chicken from three baggers to two case packers, with X-ray scans in the process.

The system design meets the challenge of getting the product from three lanes at 8 in. elevations and merging them into two lanes before delivering them at the 45 in. elevation required for X-rays.

Some of its products will require only two baggers and will be delivering the product to the two lanes going directly to the X-rays. If one of the baggers goes down, the product will be transferred to the third bagger and delivered to the transpositor that will then be positioned to deliver bags to the alternate conveyor path for the now empty lane of the down bagger.  When the down bagger returns to service, the flow to the transpositor will cease.