Personal wellness and CBD brand House of Wise launched a limited-edition Justice For All CBD Gummy Sampler Box, in partnership with Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing criminal justice reform for the cannabis community.

This limited-edition box features a custom design by multimedia artist and cannabis industry advocate Emily Eizen, inspired by the real-life experiences of former cannabis incarcerates Sean and Eboni Worsley. The design features a camouflage print, nodding to Sean's honorable service in the U.S. Army, including his Purple Heart award, along with broken chains, representing the immediate need for change and reform in the American criminal justice system. Each Justice For All product pack includes 12 individually wrapped CBD Gummies from House of Wise including three of each: Sleep, Stress, Sex, and Strength Gummies.

The limited-edition Justice For All CBD Gummy Sampler box retails for $75 and is now available for purchase on One hundred percent of profits from all sales of the product will go to Last Prisoner Project's Family Support Fund and the Worsley Family, providing financial support as they focus on trauma healing and rebuilding their family.

"It is through my artwork and the sales of the limited-edition Justice For All CBD gummies that I hope more people will give CBD a try and experience how it can improve their daily wellbeing," says Eizen. "Once they experience the benefits of cannabis products, I hope they'll understand the importance of legalizing cannabis on a federal level, starting with granting clemency to those currently serving time for cannabis-related charges."

The limited-edition packaging design is inspired by Sean Worsley's military service. The main design is inspired by traditional camouflage, but in a refreshed and vibrant aesthetic in line with Emily Eizen's signature style. The green in the camo is emphasized with a dark outline, giving a gentle nod to the hemp and cannabis plant. The purple in the camo design represents the Purple Heart Sean was awarded after his time in Iraq. The camo pattern is thoughtfully printed in a reflective symmetry on the box similar to Rorschach inkblots, giving recognition to the need for treating and caring for mental health, in addition to physical health ailments. The back of the box features broken chains, representing the tens of thousands of people currently incarcerated for cannabis.