Flow packs are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry — even in the case of fresh ground meat from prepacked counters — consumers are now resolutely opting for unconventional bag packs. SÜDPACK announced its recyclable high-performance PP and PE-based film for efficiently packaging food in bags will be on display on the lines of various packaging machine manufacturers at IFFA in Frankfurt. The film producer will also draw trade show visitors’ attention to its PP-based lidding films and their wide range of functionalities, as a recyclable, resource-saving option for packaging food in trays.

SÜDPACK offers an extensive range of material structures for flow pack packaging. Pure-Line, which in addition to recyclable mono-materials based on PP, now also includes solutions made of PE. Depending on the products to be packaged, the films can be equipped with different barrier proper-ties in order to provide optimal product protection.

Despite their reduced material thickness, flow packs based on Pure-Line films provide a high level of stability that is comparable to conventional packaging systems. Unlike tray packaging, however, material savings of up to 60% can be achieved.

The Pure-Line films have been tested on horizontal and vertical flow pack lines from the leading manufacturers of packaging machines. They have also been specifically designed for high output rates and maximum material yield.

SÜDPACK recently completed its range of PP-based and recyclable lidding films for thermoformed and tray packaging. A wide range of trays can be reliably sealed using tear-proof Safe Peel Clear, for example even if the product leaves residue, such as oil, marinade, spices or powder on the edge of the seal. The transparent top web can be sealed against PP, so that users can easily feed the entire pack into the existing material cycle as a single-material solution. 

The film can be equipped with various functionalities for optimal product protection and maximum shelf life of meat and sausage products, dairy produce, as well as fish and seafood. Pealability allows users can easily open the pack, without ripping the film.