The packaged salad category definitely needed a shakeup. That’s what Green Fork, the new salad brand from family-owned and operated Boskovich Farms is doing. The farm traces its roots back to 1915 when its founder, Stephen Boskovich, started with 7 acres of land in the San Fernando Valley. Today, Boskovich Farms has over 18,000 acres spread across California, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico.

When Boskovich decided to create a new line of salad blends, salad kits, and packaged vegetables, they turned to creative agency, Chase Design Group, to develop the look and feel of the brand including logo design, product naming, package design, illustrations, and copy. After a thorough name exploration, Green Fork was the clear winner. “A tremendous amount of meaning is derived from the 2-syllable name,” says Lelean Boghorian, Senior Account Manager, Chase Design Group. “Besides serving as an homage to the green thumbs of the Boskovich Farmers, it quickly communicates the products themselves and how they’re eaten with a fork,” she adds. 

“In a dated-looking sea of sameness, Green Fork is a bold, light-hearted salad brand for younger consumers who appreciate both convenience and freshness,” says Dave Carlino, senior design director, Chase Design Group. “The logo design resembles a stamp of quality with a playful letter style that includes a green fork inside the letter ‘o’,” he adds. The product dances on the end of a green fork illustration, identifying each product mix, while the clear bottom half of the package showcases the fresh product. The message, “Fresh to Your Fork,” is emblazoned along the fork handle. “The cheeky, unique product names carry the brand’s tone of voice and the bright, attention-grabbing background color creates an incredible brand block at shelf,” says Carlino.

“The clever animated salad on the tip of the fork helps distinguish us from the many other brands on shelf, offers appetite appeal, and shakes up what was previously a bland category,” says Deep Silver, senior marketing director, Boskovich Farms. “With so many choices on shelf, we think the brand design done by Chase Design Group will get consumers to pick up Green Fork and make it part of their regular shopping.

A ”Keeping it Fresh” back panel includes an illustration of a farmer playfully popping a wheelie on his tractor and communicating the Boskovich family farm’s history and mission.

For the initial launch, a total of 5 vegetable items (Cilantro Pronto, Curiously Curly Parsley, Italian-O Parsley, Bae Bae Bok Choy, Radish Squad), 4 salad blends (Simply Spring, Garden Party, Awesome Arugula and Sweet Baby Spinach) and 2 salad kits (Slammin’ Sesame, and Marvelous Mediterranean) will be available in grocery stores on the west coast.