INX International Ink Co. a wholly owned subsidiary of SAKATA INX is establishing a $50 million program to make minority investments in technology and materials science startups with strategic relevance to the printing inks and coatings value chain.

The company says venture capital will focus on categories like sustainability and circular economy solutions, digital printing, business and manufacturing automation as well as services for brand owners.

"As one of the largest ink manufacturing companies in the world, we believe our technical expertise and industry relationships can help entrepreneurs build great companies that create a positive impact on consumers’ lives and our planet," says Bryce Kristo, INX’s chief financial officer.

INX venture capital emphasizes early-stage startups that have demonstrated "product-market-fit" and have begun to generate revenue. Typical checks will range from $1 to $3 million initially, with reserves for follow-up investments.

The fund is jointly run with Touchdown Ventures, a provider of corporate venture capital managed services. "We are enthusiastic about the capital investment, industry expertise and operational excellence that INX can bring to its portfolio companies," says Scott Lenet, Touchdown Ventures co-founder and president.