Flint Group announced its intention to increase the prices of its packaging products effective in June 2022.

The company says costs are increasing rapidly and there is no sign of relief soon. The cost escalation is seen in the raw material categories such as binders, additives, pigments, solvents and other materials. Even the problematic supply chain climate continues to experience significant disruption.

"The emphasis we place on supply reliability has a significant financial implication on our business. Throughout these unparalleled times, we have sought to take a phased, incremental approach to pricing adjustments. However, the expected softening of raw material prices has not occurred, costs continue to rise aggressively and therefore we are forced to raise prices," says Jesper Bodtkjer, vice president and general manager of Flint Group Packaging Europe.

Flint Group says it will continue to prioritize product quality, service and the security of supply to all its valued customers.