SUDPACK and SN German Pouch-Pack Technology jointly presented a sustainable aluminum-free solution for packaging a wide range of wet feed products at Interzoo.

The aluminum-free packaging concept was on display on the SN rotary form/fill/seal machine FME 50 in hall 7A on stand 336 of SN German Pouch-Pack Technology. The film solution offers the properties for efficient and safe packaging of wet pet food in doypacks. SUDPACK says the material guarantees an optimal barrier despite the lack of aluminum barrier layer and high opacity ensures optimal UV and light protection. The film structure can also be sterilized.

The film can also be printed using SUDPACK’s newly developed SPQ flexo printing technology, which has a reported low carbon footprint and was recently honored with the German Packaging Award in gold in 2021.

"As a market and technology leader in our industry, we aligned our product and performance portfolio early on to meet the new requirements in the market and have already demonstrated our expertise in pilot and development projects. We are now in a position to offer our customers solutions that are pioneering in terms of material efficiency, recyclability, renewable raw materials and circular economy," says Holger Hoss, product manager at SUDPACK.