AAA20 Group LLC, a subscription-based robotic solutions provider, is predicting that its newest automation solution can solve the pandemic related labor shortage while elevating the value of the existing labor force. According to Karen Mallouck, cofounder of AAA20 Group, "Our program eliminates the need for any robotics expertise whatsoever, as our application experts will fully configure the robotic system and deliver a turnkey solution. The implementation process is efficient, convenient and offers the benefits of 100% financing. In addition, by leasing the labor saving robots, resources may be shifted from capital expenses to operating expenses. Following either the purchase or lease paradigm, growing companies can reallocate their workforce toward higher level activities and as a result optimize valuable working capital."

AAA20 Group says the goal of minimizing labor overhead has caused an increased demand for automation in small- to medium-sized businesses. End of line packaging facilities and warehouse fulfillment operations are gaining traction to this approach. Mallouck adds, "For now, collaborative robotic systems from AAA20Group are highly productive yet relatively simple; they are excellent at following precise movements repetitively. But we aim to grow with the industry and offer robotic systems that are smarter and more capable through artificial intelligence."

For example, a single AAA20 Group cooperative palletizing robotic system can easily replace a human worker earning a minimum wage of $20 per hour doing equivalent work. The robotic system not only saves the hourly wage but also requires no premium for overtime, benefits, or vacations.