At the 25th Global Pouch Forum, Karlville announced the launch of its KS-SUP-600 as a line extension to current leading digital and high-speed 400mm pouch machines to meet customer demands for wider, faster machines designed for central drum flexographic and wide web rotogravure printers.

The new KS-SUP-600 pouch machines is described as a compact, robust and modular machine that produces standard three-side seal and stand-up pouches, as well as offering the option of producing side gusset pouches in a platform. The multi-servo machine starts with wide web unwind with gusset forming. The machine is modular so it can be equipped with quick change standup formation, multiple longitudinal and K seal stations. It comes with a standard single flying knife that can be easily upgraded to double flying knife system or guillotine. Karlville says the machine comes standard with all Karlville quick change over innovations as well as open software platform to assist converters to monitor, service, learn and operate their machines.

Designed for Industry 4.0, the software and the servo control combination are said to be most critical and useful. The possibility to set the machine parameters in multiple different ways increases the operational window for each kind of material structure. Web access is also simple for easy-to-access recipes, process parameters and make changes in production. Remote access from a phone or a PC to check machine operation, production and transfer to computer for analysis and reports is standard. The MMI setup mode will guide the operator, step by step, to set up production correctly and quickly.