Interroll announced the expansion of its range of products with a Light Conveyor Platform (LCP)-based material-flow solution designed to increase the productivity of manufacturing processes.

Interroll says the plug-and-play light conveyor platform allows all system integrators to implement scalable belt conveyor sections to meet customer-specific automation requirements. It is designed to transport smaller conveyed goods, as well as boxes or polybags weighing up to 50 kg. It features an integrated emergency shutdown at the push of a button and reportedly complies with all relevant safety regulations. The conveyors also handle inclines or declines, driven by compact and energy efficient drum motors having an efficiency of over 85%.

LCP is developed according to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DMFA) standards. It is produced at Interroll's site in Hvidovre, Denmark and is available immediately in EUR and soon in Asia and the Americas.