ProMach announced it has acquired Reepack. Reepack is a manufacturer of  flexible packaging machinery known for its vacuum chambers, thermoformers, tray sealers and flow wrappers.

Reepack joins six other product brands under ProMach’s Flexibles & Trays business line. With the acquisition of Reepack, ProMach says it's gaining key application technology in flow wrapping, adding to the company's overall flexible packaging capabilities, and also expanding its existing capabilities in horizontal thermoforming.

“Reepack is a solid fit within the ProMach family,” says Mark Anderson, ProMach president and CEO. “They have great people, a strong customer-focused culture and have been excellent partners. Reepack’s team has developed some wonderful technology, and we are excited to help them build distribution and continue to grow worldwide. We are excited about their engineering capabilities, and we intend to continue to invest in new product development. I am certain the business will do very well.”   

Each of Reepack’s core product categories has a range of models to address package styles, end-product sizes and production speeds. Its suite of solutions is also complementary to another ProMach product brand, Ossid, a maker of tray sealing and overwrapping solutions for case-ready products, weigh/price labeling equipment, and case scales.

“The pairing of Ossid and Reepack brands allows us to serve our customers with a more complete solution to meet their growing needs as the market evolves,” says Ernie Newell, vice president and general manager of Ossid. “Reepack has an excellent line of products. When we match this with Ossid’s strong product portfolio and ProMach parts and service capabilities and customer reach, the future opportunities to deliver exceptional customer solutions and service are very exciting.”

As part of the acquisition, Newell will be promoted to senior vice president of Tray Packaging, appointed to oversee both Reepack and Ossid operations along with continuing to handle general manager duties at Ossid.

Headquartered in Seriate, Italy, Reepack will remain stationed in Italy with 71 employees joining the ProMach family. Current Reepack president and CEO, Livio Valli, will join ProMach as vice president and general manager of Reepack. 

“Having worked with Ossid for several years, I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for how ProMach runs their business,” says Valli. “Being a family-owned business, it was important to me that we join another company that values the existing people who have been integral to our prior successes and growth. The Reepack brand is synonymous with high quality Italian craftsmanship, and that will not change. I am confident in this move to ProMach, and we are delighted to work alongside other talented brands.”