On August 1, I succeeded Glen Gudino as publisher of Packaging Strategies and Flexible Packaging. Throughout the course of my experience at BNP Media over the past decade, I’ve worked on the content side of the business, overseeing editorial on multiple publications in our food, beverage, and packaging division. This work has encompassed titles dedicated to nearly the entire store: snacks and baked goods, candy and confectionery products, meat and poultry, cannabis foods and beverages, personal care, healthcare, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, household goods, processing and packaging, and more. Add in my experience at previous publishing companies following agriculture, food ingredients, foodservice, and retail product R&D, and a 360-degree view of the industry emerges. And while the subject matter has run the gamut, every publication has shared a common goal of addressing market dynamics and opportunities for growth.

Now, as publisher, my areas of focus at BNP Media include dairy foods, meat and poultry, snacks and baked goods, candy and confectionery, and the wonderfully expansive world of packaging. Collectively, this broad-based perspective will provide distinctive, valuable, informative context to my brand leadership.

While running the business side of the publications under my care is central to my role, I’m not a typical publisher. Coming from the editorial side brings a unique, audience-driven perspective. Like our editors, I’ll continue to interact with CPG, healthcare, and packaging industry leadership, digging deep to better understand the top challenges within packaging today, all while shining a spotlight on the new supply-chain innovations that will help solve those very same challenges.

And even though I now sit in the publisher’s chair, I’m still a writer. I’ll continue to report back on my experiences and interactions across the various industries we serve, relating timely perspectives on market and category dynamics.

To that end, I’d encourage you to reach out and connect. I’d love to hear about your challenges—and success stories. Together, we can continue to drive the industry forward and find opportunities for growth.

Douglas J. Peckenpaugh
Group Publisher, BNP Media
Dairy, Meat, Snacks, Bakery, Candy & Packaging