ECHO Machinery, the country’s leading packaging machine manufacturing company, officially opened the doors of its new headquarters in Zhixin Industrial Area Rui’an at the beginning of this year. This tens of millions of dollars buildout allows the company expands its leading position in China.

The total investment of more than $30 million for this new factory has been huge in size of the production area to around 33,000 square meters, the construction area to 98,000 square meters. As well as providing for the growth of the new factory, factory buildings, dormitory buildings, and top floor parking was widely designed. The new factory integrates R&D, raw material processing, assembly, commissioning, storage, and logistics scientifically and smartly arranged.

The new factory has now brought more than 200 new jobs to the region.

“The whole project construction time is just over one year, and it is expected that 2,000 sets of intelligent equipment can be produced this year, with a capacity of more than $100 million”, said Echo Chang director of ECHO Machinery company. " This is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the area, but it also allows us to implement the green plan we have cherished for a long time before."

With an investment of 3.7488 million RMB for this new factory, 6,000 square meters of solar energy will be laid on the roof and expected will generate 1.15 million kWh of electricity. Besides, this project will be a priority using to meet the power consumption for the plant area, then the remaining unused energy will be integrated into the state grid for social use, which can reduce carbon emissions by 1,136 tons per year.