Emerald Packaging, a leader in flexible produce packaging, has committed to sustainability by announcing its intent to transition to solar energy for its two manufacturing facilities. The transition is expected to be complete by mid-2023, with the larger of the two facilities completing the transition in the first half of this year, and the smaller facility following suit a few months after.

The switch to solar energy is consistent with Emerald Packaging’s proven track record when it comes to sustainability, as the certified California Green Business has long advocated for effective plastic recycling and reducing plastic waste and has also become an Ellen MacArthur signatory, which requires the company to meet stringent recyclability requirements for its products. 

“Our company is committed to playing its part in sustainability and mobilizing a shift towards a circular economy for plastics," said Emerald Packaging chief executive officer Kevin Kelly. "It's clear that our planet is losing the battle to stop greenhouse gas emissions. We need to step up in any way we can. So the installation of solar and other initiatives such as reducing plastic use and increasing recyclability of our packaging makes complete sense."

With this strong investment in renewable energy, Emerald Packaging is expected to eliminate more than 47 million pounds of coal burned and reduce energy spending by $12 million over 25 years.

To learn more about Emerald Packaging and the company’s commitment to sustainability, please visit empack.com.