As part of their existing partnership agreement, Mespack and Hoffer have announced the market launch of the P-15 spout and cap, which provides an innovative and sustainable solution for flexible packaging. The new model can be used with all of Mespack’s horizontal form-fill-seal machines, and it is compatible with mono layer materials, which are more recyclable than products containing multiple plastics.

With its current partnership, the two companies have primarily focused on developing sustainable stand-up pouch products that would contribute to creating a circular economy. Hoffer, a plastic injection molding company, previously developed the P-20 closure model with the support of Mespack, and the partners have now added to their arsenal with the P-15, a more lightweight closure that uses 20% less plastic.

One of Mespack’s most versatile machines, the H180FE model that was installed at the company’s innovation center in Freeport, Texas, has been adapted to operate with the P-15, in addition to its other capabilities, such as the testing of recyclable-ready material.

The P-15 further underscores the commitment of both Mespack and Hoffer to adapt to a changing environment where sustainability and circularity are prioritized by governments and consumers.

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