The Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Programme (SSPP), a United Kingdom government initiative that works to establish the UK as a leading innovator in smart and sustainable packaging for consumer products, is now accepting entries for its “Collecting Flexible Packaging Waste at Home” Competition, starting Monday, February 27.

The aim of this competition is to fund projects that will develop innovative ideas to help with the collection of flexible plastic packaging waste from households, with the ultimate goal being the reduction of the amount of waste ending up in landfills or the environment.

Entries must meet two key criteria in order to have a chance of winning. First, the entry must develop an idea and propose a design for containing or collecting household flexible plastic packaging waste that is easy to store in the home and easy to carry of transport. Second, the entry must encourage householders to collect flexible packaging waste as a separate waste stream for curbside collection or for transporting to collection points in supermarkets.

The SSPP will be allocating £250,000 to chosen entries, with the help of Innovate UK, a part of UK Research and Innovation. Winning entries will receive grant funding of up to £50,000 to help implement the proposals, meaning that multiple projects will be selected.

The deadline to submit entries is April 12, 2023.

To learn more about the competition, please click here