Many flexible packaging veterans say that one product propelled the flexible packaging industry to the forefront of packaging innovations: the CapriSun pouch. As a child of the 80s, I was the industry’s target marketing group.

Thank goodness the flexible packaging industry is always improving, including making updates to the CapriSun pouch’s punch hole; I don’t think I could ever open the 1980s version of that hole-punch without spilling juice all over my fourth grader desk.

Improvements are vital in business – resting on your laurels only ensures you’ll become obsolete. Opportunities abound when improvements can be made.

That’s why Flexible Packaging magazine has partnered with sister ePublication Packaging Strategies as host to an all-important industry event called the Global Pouch Forum (GPF). Involvement in events like the GPF is one key to growing and advancing as a business and an industry, in my humble opinion.

The Global Pouch Forum calls on those involved in the bag/pouch niche to listen to and discuss case studies, best practices and future outlooks.

Understanding where you can make improvements and how is so important in business: This issue can help you do both.