What constitutes making the right moves? Is it the thoughtful consideration when tackling a game changer, the weighing of all conceivable options or the possibility of an outcome due to your decisions?

Now consider what making the right moves is in the current economy. Do your thoughts change?

In business, the right moves could be investing in a well-researched innovation, like new technologically-advanced machine or new material to run. A great move might mean bolstering personnel with professional education and training, or simply offering employees a refresher course in best practices. It could also mean physically expanding the business to other hot areas, filling a geographical void with your company’s products and services.

Taking your company to new heights can allow for more opportunities. And it also means more hard work and dedication; I have noticed that both of those qualities run a-plenty in this industry.

Perhaps it’s time for introspection if you feel your company is not making the right moves.