The more you think about the direction of business these days, the more you realize the arrow points to sustainability.

Even though the economy had slowed, sustainability has grown in business. Consumers want sustainable answers, whether in their products, services or even packaging. Not to mention, the huge benefits sustainable changes offers to the environment.

That is why it is so important to immerse your business in making a green impact. Many companies are hesitant to alter workflow and production practices to more earth-friendly ones, but I say if you can make a few tweaks here or there, and it doesn’t impact the business, that makes good business sense.

Flexible Packaging had the opportunity to interview one company regarding its sustainability policy, which is, “Adopting strategies and activities that allow a company and its stakeholders to realize their profit goals in ways that protect, sustain and restore the Earth’s life support system.”

Choosing to do business more keenly, more leanly, or more greenly will ensure success, no matter the choice.

Green initiatives seem to be here to stay. So read and research how to update your company’s practices and processes (see the April 2011 Cover Story in our Archives). You might be pleasantly surprised to read how much companies are getting back for their environmentally friendly investments. After all, ROI is still the ultimate name of the game.

Go green and still prosper.