The new Flavorseal Ovenable Roasting Bags offer food processors vacuum-sealable cook-in bags for roasting at moderate to high oven temperatures. The bag is suitable for a range of products, including raw and pre-cooked poultry, pre-cooked ham and fresh ribs. The bag’s design features a flexible yet puncture-resistant, high-barrier film engineered with a unique formula that involves multiple layers of polymers, rather than the standard single layer. This new high-barrier bag technology extends the shelf life of foods and locks in juices, increasing yields. No bone guard is necessary, so the new Flavorseal Ovenable Roasting Bag makes shipping food more efficient and cost effective, with no spoilage or loss due to tears or punctures. Flavorseal Ovenable Roasting Bags can be sealed on almost any available machine, including a standard rotary sealer.