Mini Tubing Shrink Bags Increase Pack Integrity

Digital Printing Helps Cheese At Market

Mini Tubing Shrink Bags Increase Pack Integrity

The latest Cryovac shrink bags allow the high quality packaging of fresh and processed meats of long and narrow shape. The new Cryovac MT2140 and MT2144 Mini Tubing bags enlarge the Cryovac offering for standard and medium abuse presentation shrink bags. These new bags increase pack integrity vs. traditional vacuum thermoforming due to a very low impact of sealing strength.

Cryovac Mini Tubing Bags are available in plain and printed versions, clear standard color, end-seal configuration, in a wide range of widths and lengths.

Customers will quickly appreciate the many benefits, including ease of use; excellent pack presentation thanks to their superior optics (brightness and transparency) and very high shrink properties; standard and medium mechanical resistance due to stronger seals; improved pack integrity vs. thermoforming packs and non-shrink pouches, due to their excellent sealability; and high barrier for improved shelf life.

Specifically designed for the packaging of narrow and long fresh and processed meat products, the new Cryovac MT Bags are primarily designed for industrial units of fresh and cured pork loins such as Salami, Chorizos and Lomos Ibericos.

They come as a useful solution to meat processors who vacuum pack their products on VS/VR machines, with manual, automatic or semi-automatic loading. They are an ideal replacement to non-shrink pouches thanks to their enhanced presentation.

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Digital Printing Helps Cheese At Market

When Sorrento Lactalis sought a different look for its Precious fresh mozzarella packages, it turned to CL&D Digital for digitally printed tray and cheese ball labels and tray and paperboard wraps.


“Digital printing helped get to market fast and first, which can provide a competitive edge,” says Bob Scherer, vice president of CL&D Digital, Delavan, Wisc.

“It’s all about building products to meet the needs of your customers - not building products and hoping your customers will buy them,” Scherer says.


Typically, Buffalo, N.Y.-based Sorrento Lactalis Inc. uses digital printing for small packaging runs and initial new product testing.


Before the product launch, household penetration of the category was at 4 percent, reports, and the new product packaging launch was supported by advertising and promotional efforts that directed consumers to the dairy section to find the product.

Packaging challenges included incorporating the Easy Peel opening system, achieving a good seal with a wet product, printing graphics on relatively small packaging and using adhesive tape to secure the wrapped cheese ball product within the sleeve.


“Our objective for packaging our new fresh mozzarella was to have different packaging than currently available for this type of product,” says Alan Stock, Sorrento Lactalis trade marketing manager. “We wanted to gain better in-store awareness and to be seen from a distance at the store, and to communicate the fresh cheese as an upscale, premium product.”

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