New Aseptic Dispensing Tap Creates Multiserve Packaging Platform

Thanks to The Answer, an aseptic dispensing tap from International Dispensing Corporation, a new flexible package platform - the Multiserve SafePak - is now available to brand owners of beverages and liquid foods.

Multiserve SafePaks enable shelf-stable liquids in large-format packages to be dispensed safely and repeatedly over extended time without refrigeration or power. Critical to Multiserve SafePaks is The Answer, a proprietary, user-friendly dispensing technology that prevents microorganisms and oxygen from compromising product safety, nutritional value, and taste - even during unrefrigerated, repeated use.    

“The Answer keeps product shelf-stable throughout its use-life, from first serving to last, without refrigeration or preservatives,” says Greg Abbott, CEO and chairman of International Dispensing Corporation.  “Our vision to create an aseptic dispensing technology encountered some skepticism in the early phases of development, but as companies have reviewed our independent testing protocols and results - and conducted tests of their own - interest in The Answer has intensified.”

Multiserve SafePaks have the added advantage of convenience.  Seniors, children, and people on-the-go can easily dispense juice, organic beverages, fortified waters, dairy products, teas and coffees, energy drinks, smoothies, soups and stocks, with just a push of a button.

In addition, this multiserve packaging replaces multipacks of single-served beverages that require use of extra packaging materials and energy. The new option will help brand owners achieve higher sustainability scores.  
International Dispensing Corporation, New York, N.Y.; (212) 957-9330;

New Cast PPE Films For Retort Pouch And Lidding

Toray Plastics America, Inc., introduced two new precision-performance FDA-approved cast polypropylene (CPP) sealant films for retort pouch and lidding applications. The CPP ZK100 film for retort pouch constructions offers exceptional clarity, low haze, non-whitening, and stress-crack resistance. The new CPP CF9501 sealant film for retort lidding creates a secure, easy-to-peel lamination which can be used on polypropylene containers.

Aimed at both consumer product goods companies and converters, the new cast polypropylene films demonstrate proven superior performance under aggressive retort sterilization conditions. Their consistent quality and ability to handle microwave reheating make the new retort pouch and lidding cast polypropylene films ideal for cooked rice, chili, soups, stews, sauces, seafood, chicken, vegetables, baby food, ice cream, and wet pet food applications.

“Consumer confidence in convenient retort packaging continues to grow,” says John Holovach, director, strategic alliances. “Toray’s new CPP sealant films offer a wide range of retort applications making them extremely desirable to end users and converters who want to generate business with new market opportunities.”

New ZK100 and CF9501 films withstand sterilization temperatures up to 135 degrees C, and therefore require less time for the sterilization process. They also exhibit good heat seal strength and impact strength. Both can be combined with polyester films, such as Toray’s Barrialox aluminum oxide-coated films, to create an excellent lamination for microwave retort pouch and lidding applications.
Toray Plastics (America), Inc., North Kingstown, RI; (401) 294-4511;