Alcan Packaging's cmd Laser Scoring Enhances Hooded Zippers

Easy-open convenience, superior appearance and tamper evidence are all provided for food processors by using the LaserTear cross machine directional (CMD) scoring technology from Alcan Packaging.

CMD laser-scored film works with zipper applications and creates a unique, “hooded” package that allows for the removal of the entire package header to expose the resealable feature. By scoring below the zipper, this innovation delivers easier consumer access and eliminates the potential for contents to collect between the zipper and the package. What’s more, CMD scoring results in an attractive shelf appearance, while the package hood provides a third layer of protection.

Compatible with vertical form/fill/seal equipment, Alcan Packaging’s flexible film featuring LaserTear CMD scoring exhibits excellent machinability, running at top speeds and meeting the toughest operational demands. Alcan Packaging credits its films’ exceptional performance to the company’s deep knowledge of laser scoring.

“Shooting a laser at a structure doesn’t mean it becomes an easy-open package,” says Michael Dennis, marketing manager for the company’s Food & Specialty Flexibles group. “There is a lot of technology involved in creating a cross-web score that actually works.

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New Films Maximize Thermoform/ShrinkSystems And Increase Shelf Appeal

Curwood, a leading supplier of high-performance shrink packaging materials for meat and cheese applications, announced a new packaging film engineered for optimum performance on high-speed Multivac FormShrink machines. Form-Tite films maximize the equipment’s potential to triple productivity and lower total costs compared to rotary chamber shrink systems. Curwood’s Form-Tite films provide better gloss and clarity, as well as higher shrink, than competitive films, creating tight, crystal-clear packages that deliver a superior branded presentation in the meat or dairy case.

Features of the films include low curl plus high shrink and excellent formability to conform tightly to the product, creating an attractive package without dog ears. The films’ high-barrier properties and exceptional puncture resistance extend shelf life and minimize damage and waste throughout distribution. In addition, the rollstock offers easier product loading than shrink bags to minimize labor, and requires less shipping and warehousing space, reducing distribution costs.

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