conversion calculatorSo you need a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), but you aren’t sure how much it may cost?
To find out cost in a specific measure, check out Franklin Adhesives and Polymers’ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Conversion Calculator to figure out just how much it might cost you, and in your preferred unit of measure. 
Simply come prepared with the following information:
  • Weight per gallon
  • % Solids
  • Price per wet pound in US dollars
  • Conversion preference
  • Amount
Inputting this information into the calculator will automatically produce results, which include complete conversions (mils, microns, grams/sq meter, grams/MSI, grams/sq foot, lb/ream). 
The calculator provides cost per square meter; cost per MSI; cost per square foot; cost per ream, which can help you to compare previous prices to help you see how the prices of materials might be fluctuating. 
The Franklin team will help you further with technical support if you have more questions. Happy Converting!    
Erin J. Wolford is editor in chief of Flexible Packaging magazine,, a business publication for those in the flexible packaging industry. Wolford has been in publishing since 2005. Email her at