North American-oriented filmsThere was a time when North American-owned film producers led the world in terms of production capacity and product development in bi-oriented films but, today the industry is now largely in the hands of Asian owners, according to leading consultants to the industry, PCI Films Consulting.

Representing just 8.5 percent of total world film extrusion capacity in 2012 for BOPP, BOPET and BOPA films, North American-oriented film producers, for some time have been slow to invest and are now unable to fulfil the region’s domestic needs resulting in increasing volumes of North America’s demand for oriented films being met by imports.

As a result, much of the domestic film extrusion capacity is of an age that requires significant investment in order to compete with the imports from low cost producers in other markets. It is not surprising therefore that some US owners have decided to withdraw from the market, rather than make the necessary investment, but where does this leave their customers?

In its latest report, ‘North American Oriented Films Supply Outlook’, PCI has outlined the changes currently affecting capacity in the North American-oriented films market compared to the region’s demand. With forecasts to 2017, the report provides valuable insight into how the future market might look in terms of capacity, production, trade and demand.

Report author, Simon King, commenting on the supply situation says, “The North American market should be an attractive market to do business in. It has a growing flexible packaging marketplace which requires significant quantities of BOPP, BOPET and BOPA films and there is no reason why a production facility in the US can’t be competitive. After all two Indian and a Chinese company think the market is worthy of investment. North American producers should be showing their commitment to their customers and planning for the long term. ”

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