Congratulations! The labeling industry is alive and thriving! However, some major changes to the industry could cause a bit of a shake up.

New labeling requirements include not only the FDA requirements on drug safety labeling which came about in Q4 2013, but there have also been talks of a revamp of Food Nutrition Facts labels as well. It has been nearly 20 years since nutrition labels have been changed, and nutritionists believe it is time for a change.

What does this mean for the labeling industry? Potentially, different layouts for Nutrition Facts labels, and perhaps label dimension changes as well. That could completely alter the look and layout of a label and its package. These changes will require all stock to be depleted and renewed with updated labels and packaging.  That will be a lot of design, printing, packaging, shipping, and store set up for the industry to be sure.

The FDA is expected to release a definitive set of updated Nutrition Facts label guidelines in Q2 2014. For more information, be sure to check the FDA website often for updates on the proposed changes. According to the FDA website on Nutrition Facts labels, the FDA will be seeking public opinion about their proposed changes.

Make sure the labeling industry’s voice is heard as well.


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