As you can tell from our cover artwork (created by our very talented art director Frank Mayeran), the May issue of Flexible Packaging magazine surrounds its coverage on the Global Pouch Forum and all things that go into the making of a pouch.

The pouch has brought on a great number of business opportunities for many flexible packaging companies. I’m sure your company is one of the many that have prospered as a direct result of your contribution to this packaging format. And there is always room for improvement!

For the Global Pouch Forum this year, we have a great number of speakers lined up, who will discuss the pouch from their angle of the industry. Check out our Tentative Agenda for the Global Pouch Forum on page 16. An overview of what to expect at the conference is also laid out by Packaging Strategies’ events director Joyce Routson.

Velcro has penned an article about reclosure innovation and why it’s so necessary for flexible packaging especially. That article can be found here. An article regarding how to create productive partnerships within our industry, calling for a sort of Angie’s List for the flexible packaging industry, can be found here, and on page 30. Click here for an interesting article in our May issue on how Private Label can gain market share through flexible packaging formats.

We included a very interesting roundtable on Bag-/Pouch-Making, which includes six participants who have extensive experience in this sector of the industry. Page 58 contains a Q&A with an Extrusion Equipment guru, who explains how rigid can move into flexibles.

Hopefully you are able to flip through this issue during your downtime (on the beach?) at Global Pouch Forum.

I’m sorry to say that I will not be in attendance this year…our second son is due mid-May, and I will be on maternity leave mid-May through mid-August. But you will be in good hands with associate editor Kori Winters while I am out.

Thanks and hope you all have a productive conference!

Erin J. Wolford
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