I recently noted that whenever my husband and I head to the grocery store together (and our son is in a good, patient mood), it takes us much longer than necessary to complete our shopping trip. You can count on us splitting off. As a chemist in the cleaning industry, my husband will almost always be found studying the ingredients lists of various products in the cleaning aisle. I will typically be shopping for our weekly groceries, but I’m also checking out new flexible packaging formats throughout the store. I will stand in the aisle with the newly released packaging format in hand and explain the materials and the printing techniques to my son. (At 1 ½ years old, he doesn’t find it nearly as interesting as I do.)  

As someone in the flexible packaging industry, I’m certain you can relate to this experience. If you say no, I’m sure your spouse would say otherwise! But I find it interesting whenever I note which products have moved from a rigid packaging format to a flexible one. This is always an exciting observation for me, because it means that our industry has just grabbed one more piece of the market share from those other packaging formats. That means more growth, more opportunities and more money. All plusses!

I’m excited to share with you a Cover Story based on data collected by Smithers Pira, which highlights the shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging, and breaks down the main reasons why this is happening. According to the data, the flexible packaging market is estimated to be worth $351 billion by 2018. Be sure to read the interesting, data-supported Cover Story on page 20.

I have also compiled this issue with the newly acquired BNP Media show that Flexible Packaging sponsors, Converters Expo. Held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on March 13, the show is ideal for anyone involved in converting who is looking to network, partner and find new opportunities. You will find many converting-related articles throughout the magazine, including articles on Film Testing; Flexo Printing; Static & Contamination Management; Tension Control Equipment; Waste Elimination; Winding Technology; Web Cleaning; and Converting Equipment Efficiencies

There is no question that if you’re a part of the flexible packaging industry, that you’re a part of a massively successful and continually growing industry. Keep it up, keep observing, keep innovating, and keep networking.

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Erin J. Wolford
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