July is here, which means we are already midway through the year! It also means that the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived (drumroll, please). Flexible Packaging is back at it with our highly anticipated 10th annual Top 25 Converters listing!

The Top 25’s businesses witnessed some pretty significant changes during the 2013 fiscal year, including the appointment of new officers, company brand changes, mergers and acquisitions, new packages, awards and more. With those changes came a few tweaks to the Top 25 list – you’ll notice that there are two new company names as well as a new president and CEO on this year’s list.

Erin is still on maternity leave, which means she had to complete the background research for this year’s listing BEFORE she left. So at some point, she was juggling this project with other issues to ensure everything would be in place once she left. Talk about Super Woman!

I also had my fair share of work to do for this cover story, and I am grateful to have taken part in such a huge project. Click here to see what we’ve gathered for Flexible Packaging magazine’s 10th annual Top 25 Converters list and chart.

Our July issue is also filled with a number of interesting flexible packaging industry topics on finance, color management, films and substrates, labeling technology, coating and laminating, and more.

So on behalf of the Flexible Packaging staff, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this month’s issue featuring our 10th annual Top 25 Converters list!  


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