One evening, as we were discussing our workday, my husband Bob told me how frustrated he was with trying to implement and train others on the new OSHA regulations that were coming around the bend. As chemist and technical director of a company that produces cleaning products, he is in charge of overseeing much of the changes at his company. “What changes?” I asked him. And then I got an earful, much of which I was surprised to hear.

One major change that I found the most intriguing was OSHA’s decision to follow suit with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS), which now lists the most hazardous materials as 1 and 1A, instead of the standard that the chemical industry has known for so long, NFPA’s classification of 4 for the most hazardous materials.

Our conversation started my search in finding a regulation guru to pen this month’s Cover Story (here); because I believe that this is information that is critical for you to know. Originally presented to National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) members, this article lays out major changes to OSHA enforcement, including: hazard/HazCom classification, new labeling requirements, the elimination of MSDS, the addition of SDS, combustible dusts, recordkeeping and work-related injuries and incidents. All of the new regulations must be implemented by December 1, 2013. Be sure to read this month’s cover story, and keep it on your desk as a reference. It is truly chock-full of useful information.

The rest of the issue will be an interesting read for you. The Industry Insights article explains food packaging options, and how knowledge truly is power when trying to sell a product, like meat. We have an interesting article here that explains all of the latest technological advances in films and flexible packaging, which are nothing short of groundbreaking.  There is so much more in this issue, so please be sure to flip through it when you have a few minutes.

And I want to say, after the conversation I had with my husband about OSHA changes that his company has to go through, that I hope yours goes smoothly and with as few bumps as possible…

Please let me know how it goes – feel free to email me!



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