The flexible packaging industry is thriving, thanks to the continued effort to do better. Print 13 and CPP are sure to demonstrate that converters and printers are looking to improve their operations.

We designed this issue with the Print 13/CPP shows in mind. We have a Cover Story that highlights one converter’s printing capabilities, and explains how they fit into the flexible packaging and flexographic printing marketplace. Find that cover feature here.

The Industry Insights article explains the Three Trends that are Reshaping the Packaging Industry, here. Kodak penned an article for us, titled Transforming the Digital Flexo Market, here. The Technology article is about Machinery Options for Slitting/Rewinding, on page 26.

We also have two Label-related articles; one covers an Overview of the Narrow Web Industry: Advancements in Inks (here), and the other covers New Printing Techniques for the Labels Industry, (here).

Hot Products features the latest products for Doctor Blades, a necessary technique for printing, which can be found on page 34. There is also a Q&A, which we conducted with a contact who deals with polymers and resins. 

We hope you enjoy the issue and find its contents informative and fresh.

Until we meet again!



Erin J. Wolford
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