Many of us shudder at the thought of adversity. It has the ability to take us out of our comfort zones, and forces us to try and figure out what our next move is going to be. But one thing I’ve learned from personal experience is that when faced with change, we can do one of two things: reject it or accept it.

Rejecting change can cause us to become dormant and complacent, while accepting it can help lead us to growth and further progression. The flexible packaging industry is continuously faced with change, as consumer demand is constantly shifting, evolving and advancing. Although it may be difficult to keep up with the demands of customers, the best bet for you, the converters and suppliers, is to adapt and adjust accordingly.

From creative social media campaigns to innovative developments, more and more companies have been figuring out new ways to push packaging to the next level. This issue is filled with lots of insight about how different companies are responding to changes in the industry.

Our September Cover Story, which focuses on best practices from a flexible film converter, highlights a few key strategies that Sonoco Products Co. have adopted and mastered to achieve packaging success.

As I write this column, we are only a few weeks away from Labelexpo and a little over a month away from Graph Expo. When you flip to pages 36 and 42, you’ll see what new and exciting changes this year’s shows have in store for exhibitors and attendees.

As you read through this issue, think of some ways your company has responded to changes in the industry. Are you open to adapting and evolving, or do you shy away from adversity?

If your answer is the latter, change is exactly what you need. 


Kori a. winters


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