As many of you know, in mid-May, my husband Bob and I happily welcomed our second baby, Zachary, into this world. Big brother Bradley, and his two grandmas and two grandpas were there at the hospital to welcome our new little Zachary to the family. I was able to spend quality time with my new little family, and visit with family and friends while on maternity leave – something I am so grateful to have been able to do.

I came back from maternity leave, ready to work, and then another major life change happened: Just a short 3 months after my second son was brought into this world, my father, Bradley and Zachary’s Papa, suddenly but peacefully passed away in his sleep. To experience such immense joy and then such immense sorrow in such a short amount of time is difficult, to say the least.

What came clear to me in my attempt to process what just happened and the huge changes that have occurred in my life, is that the people around us are so very important. It’s such a simple thought, but one that I don’t think we really ponder…

Whether it’s in your professional life, with your coworkers, your colleagues, your vendors, your customers, or in your personal life, with your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings – every person that you interact with on a regular basis is helping to shape you. We all take little pieces of others, listen to their stories and small gems of wisdom, and consider them in our own life. We may even adopt some of their ways, or be sure to do exactly the opposite of their teachings. But regardless, they are shaping who each of us are.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to appreciate the people who are in your life. Appreciate that what you’re working on in the business world, for one reason or another, on some level, is for those who you care for and love. That love turns into a passion to do more, to work harder, to do better, to be more successful, to achieve more.

Considering that we are all doing our best in handling what life has thrown at us, maybe we all can take away some valuable lessons from each other, and appreciate what life has provided to us.

I know I have, especially over this past month.


Erin J. Wolford 


FP would like to apologize for an error made in the layout/proofing process in the July issue. We inadvertently ran the wrong photo for Nordmeccanica in the July Roundtable. Please see the correction on page 16.


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