I received the following email:

“Our product line includes Essential Oils, Aroma Therapy Oils, Carrier Oils, Fragrance Oils, Spa Oils, Blended Oils, etc. The idea is at an initial stage where we are planning our market segment, target market, volumes, etc.

“One of our major target market for these oils are USA as we plan to sell these oils in the stores, Spas as well as online on B2B portals, etc.

“We seek your help and proposal to guide us on packaging, designing and labeling these oils in the USA market. Our pack size would vary from 10 ml - 1 liter.”

— Please contact me directly if you can help this company, and I will put you in place with the correct contact. Thanks!

Erin Wolford, editor in chief, wolforde@bnpmedia.com