UC for Millenials Infographic

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Today's business leaders cannot afford to ignore Millennials. Members of this generation are beginning their careers en masse, and by the end of the decade Millennials will likely comprise more than half of the world's workforce. To remain competitive going forward, companies need to actively seek out the most skilled, promising Millennials. 

To this end, unified communications are critical. UC tools are ideal for Millennials, as they accommodate many of this generation's most common preferences and attitudes:

  • Millennials tend to love multitasking, and a UC solution connects a range of channels into a single touchpoint.
  • Millennials want to remain connected at all times, regardless of location. UC delivers this level of IT access via diverse devices.
  • UC tools allow companies and users to create unique solutions, and Millennials crave that level of customization.
  • With a UC system in place, the company can exert a level of control and oversight over workers' devices and IT services without too great an imposition.
  • UC enables employees to communicate with each other quickly and easily, which is key for a generation raised on social media.

With all these advantages, it's clear that UC solutions are the perfect complement to Millennials' work preferences. Deploying such a system will make a company that much more appealing to these young professionals.