No, no, this column isn’t in reference to the popular TV game show that’s still making the rounds, but a little survey – or study, if you will – that Flexible Packaging, along with BNP Media’s Market Research Division, put together to gauge the reasons why packaging is trending from rigid to flexible.
I’m sure those of you who are reading this now can probably come up with some good reasons as to why this shift is happening, whether your company made the shift 3 months ago or 3 years ago, but the study also gauged aspects that may not immediately jump out to everyone considering it – like difficulty in making the change, among others.
So just what are the packaging change details, the forces driving the change from rigid to flexible and the details of the change process itself? Survey says… turn to Pg. 20 to find out more.  
There’s a lot more than the aforementioned study featured here in this issue, from a piece on stick packs on Pg. 30, to decorative label techniques on Pg. 38 to trends and innovation in pouches on Pg. 36 that I invite you to explore. As many of you read this now, you’re likely about to check into flights or finalize driving arrangements to the 18th-annual Global Pouch Forum in Miami. There, you’ll be privy to a lot more of the latest trends and innovation in pouches and pouch making, which as you know is one of the fastest growing segments of flexible packaging.
For those of you I don’t see in Miami, you can find me again right back here in about a month for the July issue of Flexible Packaging, where we present our 11th-annual Top 25 Converters list.
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