Back in our June 2015 issue of Flexible Packaging, we ran a story detailing the results of a survey conducted with readers of a handful of our sister publications that had changed packaging formats from rigid to flexible within the past three years. As part of the survey, respondents were asked to give the reasons as to why they changed – and the likes of increased production efficiency and cost savings, among others, were shared.

Fittingly, the potential for increased production efficiency and cost savings – as well as convenience and elimination of a key accessory – just so happen to be the listed benefits behind a new single-serve dispensing standup pouch with a built-in straw. Ideal for 8 ounce milk or other liquid servings, this SqueezyStraw Pouch is a patented technology from The Barton Group that is now available for licensing.

“Low cost, easy to use, easy disposal, high-speed production and the elimination of the need for any other accessory item such as a straw or cup,” says Barton Group president Lew Barton of SqueezyStraw’s benefits.

In terms of lower cost, Barton estimates that the current cost of a milk paper carton is about 6 cents each, compared to the 4 cents per unit of the flexible pouch, based on large-volume quantities of 50 million units or more per year. Barton also adds that production is best done on a horizontal FFS machine with die cutting capability. Specifically, Barton says the package is thermoformed from coex thermoformable flexible film.

As we noted – and verified – back in our June 2015 issue, the shift from rigid to flexible is on and going strong. The SqueezyStraw pouch is just one more example of a flexible packaging application that could soon replace rigid formats.