Dyeing your hair at home is arguably one of the best, worst ideas you can have. Despite how awesome the end result may look (if you know what you're doing), dyeing your own hair requires mixing chemicals, laying protective coverings wherever you decide to do it and attempting to clean up stained gloves, instructions, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes without making more of a mess than you already have. 

Basically, the messy, time-consuming and waste-driven nature of dyeing your hair at home makes the experience less than pleasant, which is why Iroiro, a new Texas-based, semi-permanent, eco-friendly hair color brand, is attempting to ease the struggles with its flexible packaging.

The company's product offerings include vibrant hair dyes that definitely stray from the norm;  green, yellow, violet and turquoise are just a few of their color options. The dyes are made from a natural-ingredient-based formulation that's free of toxic ingredients, and come in 4 fl. oz or 8 fl. oz silver flexible pouches with a plastic spout, which makes it easier to distribute and discard. 

Along with citing the desire for creating packaging that was user friendly and unique, company officials say a main reason for choosing a flexible pouch to package its products in is because it aligns with Irorio's mission of being environmentally-focused. 

They claim that Iroiro's  packaging is significantly more sustainable than rigid options, and that approximately 1,000 of its eco-friendly pouches occupy the same shipping space as 26 empty bottles or jars, which results in a major reduction in carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. 

Irorio is just one of many new CPG companies that are turning towards flexible packaging because of its sustainable characteristics. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, the manufacturing, distribution and use of flexible packaging consumes less energy and fewer natural resources, generates less COemissions, results in higher product to package ratio and requires fewer trucks for transportation.

These qualities are key for eco-oriented companies, like Iroiro, that want their eclectic products to appeal to millenials and Gen Y, consumer groups that studies show are increasingly interested in sustainable alternatives. 

New packaging from companies like Iroiro are important for converters to pay attention to because its a sign of what's to come for the industries they serve. Investing in sustainable technology may be worth it because if hair dye packaging is going flexible, what's next?