We profiled Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M) in our June issue, specifically on how its stick packs are bringing single-serve options to the coffee market.

But as you know, coffee is hardly the only thing that stick packs can help package. Jam, for instance, is another one. That brings us to T.H.E.M.’s participation in a recent project on the CNBC program “Billion Dollar Buyer,” where it helped package jam from The Jam Stand in its stick packs.

The episode’s synopsis: “Billion Dollar Buyer” host Tilman Fertitta was initially impressed by The Jam Stand (Brooklyn, New York) products, but was concerned that its 1.5-ounce glass jar package was too large for a single-serve condiment. Charged with quickly finding better packaging or forfeiting the chance for a deal, The Jam Stand co-owners Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle found Marlton, New Jersey-based T.H.E.M. and inquired about flexible stick packaging as a single-serve alternative. The two owners met with T.H.E.M. CEO and president Neil Kozarsky and executive VP Steve Belko, who assessed their needs and helped develop stick pack options for the product line. Quon and Valle, along with Fertitta, visited T.H.E.M.’s headquarters to evaluate a trial run of the product in the new packaging; they left with a fresh direction for their brand, and a potential “deal” with Fertitta.

Check out the episode (Season 1, Episode 103, which originally aired on April 5, 2016) by clicking here.

To see a special bonus scene from the episode featuring T.H.E.M., click here.